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Weekly Romantic Astrology

Aries astrology
Aries(21/Mar - 20/Apr )

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are your lucky days for love this week, so revise your social calendar accordingly. The key to optimizing matters of the heart during this time of golden opportunity? Work some gorgeous karma -- put the object(s) of your affections first. Think about what they really want. Anticipate. You get the picture. As for the rest of the week, Monday's excellent for work, Friday and Saturday are custom-made for nesting, and Sunday's all about action (of what sort is up to you!).

Taurus astrology
Taurus(21/Apr - 20/May )

Monday delivers some surprisingly fabulous possibilities in the realm of romance, so send a sweet message (online or off) to a certain sweet someone. Make a proposal, say it with a wink, work your sensual side. If you've got a date on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, impress 'em by locating an unusual art or cultural event -- and with your intriguing take on it. Friday and Saturday bring very charged energy -- could be electrifying, could be shocking, bound to be intense. Handle with care! And keep your romantic moves low-key on Sunday. A day of rest may be in order.

Gemini astrology
Gemini(21/May - 20/Jun )

Got a romantic agenda? Contemplating making a certain overture or setting up a surprise hot date? Why not go for it? Both your beauty and brains are supercharged by the stars on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, creating an atmosphere in which whatever you do causes bountiful sparks. Work it. In terms of the rest of the week, romantic matters require extra concentration on Monday (read between the lines); on Friday and Saturday, pacing is important (not too slow, not too fast); and Sunday's about looking deeper (into the implications of a certain situation).

Cancer astrology
Cancer(21/Jun - 20/Jul )

Monday's a splendid day to reach out, romantically speaking -- flirt with somebody new or make a fun plan with a certain someone. Then handle romantic matters with extra care for the rest of the week. The coupled up may not be in complete agreement between Tuesday and Thursday, while singletons should think through any romantic overtures very thoroughly. Around Friday and Saturday, making a choice is difficult, and if matters of the heart are involved, it may well be close to impossible. Get advice from a trusted confidante. Treat yourself right on Sunday -- you deserve a break.

Leo astrology
Leo(21/Jul - 20/Aug )

Opportunities in the love department abound this week, so be ready for romance! It may be friends first around Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but friendship can evolve quickly into a very sweet more-than-friends scenario. If you're already coupled up, palling around is extra fun on these days. Sunday's energy is straight-up hot, so plan accordingly; a brunch date could lead very interesting places. As for the rest of the week: On Monday, you may want to be left alone (say it instead of growling); and on Friday and Saturday, don't deny your first instinct (it's right).

Virgo astrology
Virgo(21/Aug - 20/Sep )

Monday's a terrific day for your personal energy. If you can arrange an impromptu date, it's bound to be a hot one; if not, set up some romantic hot stuff for later in the week. An idea or person that initially seems perfect deserves more thought around Tuesday through Thursday. (Then again, bear in mind that a certain level of imperfection is inevitable.) Make sure that communication about matters of the heart is a two-way street on Friday and Saturday; you've got a lot to say, but listening is key too. Your sense of responsibility calls on Sunday, but fit in a little fun as well.

Libra astrology
Libra(21/Sep - 20/Oct )

Hey, hot stuff! This week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are all about you, so hop out of bed on the right side and work your magic. If you've got a honey, they're drawn to you all anew; if not, expect admirers to flock. You've got a way with words now, and again on Sunday too -- use it to set matters of the heart afire. As for the rest of the week, on Monday, forgiving (or giving another chance) is the right thing to do; and on Friday and Saturday, looking on a deeper level is very revealing.

Scorpio astrology
Scorpio(21/Oct - 20/Nov )

Opportunity's coming knocking this week, so put out the welcome mat and be ready to answer. On Monday, someone's got a sweet little secret -- could it be you? And could it be time to let it slip? Then, Friday and Saturday's energy make you look like a million bucks. You're radiating all that's best about you, and you've got some ESP when it comes to matters of the heart -- a great combination. In terms of the other days this week, you're less than outgoing around Tuesday through Thursday (RSVP accordingly); and on Sunday, romantic risks are iffy (minimize them).

Sagittarius astrology
Sagittarius(21/Nov - 20/Dec )

Your superstar qualities get a couple of big boosts this week, and matters of the heart certainly stand to benefit big-time. Everybody loves you on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and you're seeing the best in everyone too -- it's a real love-in, perhaps involving one admirer/admiree in particular. Let them in on a wish and it just might come true. Sunday, too, kicks off a couple fabulous days to be you -- put on your Sunday best and strut your stuff. Regarding the rest of the week: Mind the details on Monday, and Friday and Saturday could find your mood all over the place.

Capricorn astrology
Capricorn(21/Dec - 20/Jan )

You've got excellent opportunities to organize your love life this week (insofar as something deliciously messy can be organized!). Start on Monday with some background investigation into a certain someone -- ask around, do a web search, subtly feel them out. Even if you're longtime sweeties, there's much to learn. Hopes and choices are in the stars on Friday and Saturday -- make the latter wisely, and the former will begin to effortlessly become reality. As far as the rest of the week: Tuesday through Thursday are likely focused on work, while on Sunday, a plan needs some adjustment to be workable.

Aquarius astrology
Aquarius(21/Jan - 20/Feb )

A connection that's throwing off some serious sparks is possible this week, likely around Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If you're coupled up, you'd best concentrate on reigniting your relationship on these days or risk a rather complicated situation. Sunday, too, offers romantic possibilities -- your good energy's all heated up. If you've been attentive to building good love karma, well, something big could happen now. With regard to the rest of the week, Monday's got some sort of red flag, while on Friday and Saturday you may want some privacy.

Pisces astrology
Pisces(21/Feb - 20/Mar )

If your love life's got some room for improvement (and, really, whose doesn't?), this week's got some stuff to offer. What seems like a romantic complication between Tuesday and Thursday is a big opportunity in disguise. Doing a friend a favor, romance-wise, is also possible now. Sunday, too, brings luck your way -- keep your heart open and your eyes peeled, and major progress can begin. As for the rest of the week, quiet that inner critic a bit on Monday, and stand up for your heart's desire(s) on Friday and Saturday.

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