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Girls generation
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Daily Extended Astrology

Aries astrology
Aries(21/Mar - 20/Apr )

You can certainly use your charm to get what you want today, but wouldn't you rather go for a more challenging option? This is a good time to put yourself to the test. Instead of smiling, flirting or even sassing your way through things today, get serious and meet people directly. Address the issues straight on and people will take you more seriously. Your charms are usually a valuable strength, but today they could give people the idea that you can't get things through your brains alone.

Taurus astrology
Taurus(21/Apr - 20/May )

Growth is a good thing, but you should take a break from pushing yourself right now. Today will not be best spent challenging yourself or starting any difficult (if revelatory) conversations. Settle in to a routine right now, and find comfort in doing the same things in familiar patterns. There is something to be said for predictability ... plus, if things never got boring, shaking them up again would not feel nearly as wonderful. Let the dust settle on your newly renovated life.

Gemini astrology
Gemini(21/May - 20/Jun )

Have you ever have one of those dreams where you are trying to run as fast as you can, but somehow can't do much more than slowly inch your way along? Today might feel a bit like that -- frustrating, limiting, and yet somehow interesting. Whatever it is that is impeding your progress isn't clear, and it isn't important. There is no point in getting rid of the obstacles right now -- they are not going anywhere. Just try to have fun as you try to fun faster.

Cancer astrology
Cancer(21/Jun - 20/Jul )

While things in your professional life are coming together quite nicely right now, not everything will be going as smoothly in your home life. This will definitely not be an easy day in terms of keeping that promise you made. You need more time to devote to this issue, so if you can, reschedule your day so that you can pay attention to the people who really matter. You don't have to address a certain issue or accomplish a specific goal -- you just need to spend more time with your family.

Leo astrology
Leo(21/Jul - 20/Aug )

Working in tandem with a new associate or friend will yield some entertaining rewards, so don't be shy about starting a new group project today! Roll up your sleeves and get ready to get going as soon as you hear about something that sounds interesting. Travel may be involved, too. You and this other person make a very good combination -- because you balance each other out and challenge each other not to think in the same old ways you're used to thinking.

Virgo astrology
Virgo(21/Aug - 20/Sep )

Keep on keeping on -- you are closer than ever to getting what you want, and if you just keep going you will soon (very soon) see a sign that things are about to change the way you want them to. If you're on a diet, you'll notice your clothes fitting differently. If you're working on a new relationship, you will start to see this person open up in a deep and meaningful way. If you are just trying to stay positive, you will soon get the encouragement you need.

Libra astrology
Libra(21/Sep - 20/Oct )

When you encounter a new or confusing person today, be thorough with your questions -- the more meticulous you are with what you want to know, the more perceptive you have the capacity to be. This isn't an attempt to catch them in a lie or uncover some deep dark secret -- you're not interrogating them. There is no doubt that they will be flattered by your intense interest. And be prepared to answer your own detailed questions, should they choose to turn the tables.

Scorpio astrology
Scorpio(21/Oct - 20/Nov )

Today, you should try to mix things up a little. Don't behave the way that other people expect you to -- and see what happens when you act out of character. If you're usually shy in a new social situation, unleash your inner obnoxiousness and see what it's like to be the center of attention. If you're the one who usually is the life of the party, today pull back and watch things unfold from the sidelines. This new experience will be very educational.

Sagittarius astrology
Sagittarius(21/Nov - 20/Dec )

What's on your mind right now? Good or bad, it's time to talk all about it. You are loved by all of your friends, so why not find one today who has time to listen? Sure, they might not be able to solve them, but they can help you figure out how to solve them. Being able to get things off your chest will make you feel so much better! That's the secret about friends -- it's not all about how they can make your life better. It's all about how they can make you feel better about yourself.

Capricorn astrology
Capricorn(21/Dec - 20/Jan )

People are giving you feedback that is genuine, although it might be hard for you to believe right now -- these people are not just praising you for their health, they really mean it! Have faith in yourself and understand that you're capable of amazing things. The worst mistake you can make today is to limit yourself. This applies to new relationships, career challenges and even business opportunities. Act on your ideas and climb out of your shell.

Aquarius astrology
Aquarius(21/Jan - 20/Feb )

You'll be most interested by intellectual pursuits today, so feel free to put off plans for frivolous activities if you can. Instead of shopping at the mall, pick up a book and settle into a comfy chair. Instead of vegging out on the couch to some reality TV, check out what's on the History channel. And instead of having a gossip session with friends, start a political conversation. Your brain is hungry for stimulation and challenges, and it won't be settled until it gets it.

Pisces astrology
Pisces(21/Feb - 20/Mar )

Positive results may slow in coming in your life right now, but other people are getting behind you more and more. Your personal cheerleader squad is growing, so your spirits will be shiny and bright. Your ambition is also starting to burn a little brighter, but you should resist taking on any more challenging projects right now. Instead, just pick the path of least resistance and wait for everyone else to get on the same page as you. It won't take too long.

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